• Esthetics
  • LipSense has taken over my life!

    I’ve been MIA from my blog! Here’s why: I started using LipSense last October 2016. I loved the product and contemplated selling it on and off for months. Life was too chaotic for awhile (I’ll blog about that soon), so I waited until February 2017 to sign up to be a distributor. I am loving […]

  • How To
  • How to get FREE credit reports and receive a FREE credit score estimate

    Hello everyone! Here’s how I keep up on our financial situation, FOR FREE! AnnualCreditReport is a wonderful resource to use to stay on top of your financial information. By utilizing this site to its fullest, you can check your credit report 3 times a year, FOR FREE! You can also check your spouse’s credit report […]

  • Babies
  • My EASY Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

    Like I’ve mentioned before, I researched cloth diapers for hours and hours and hours before I finally figured out what to use. In our day and age, there are SO many options. This is both wonderful and daunting. This is the wash routine and these are the products that I use and recommend. 1) I’ve […]

  • Babies
  • Cloth Diapering…Why, How and the Easiest Way to Do It!

    When you think about cloth diapering, most people think it’s totally archaic! In 2017, it is NOT! Cloth diapering is so easy now! I originally was interested in cloth diapering for the savings. I started researching it in 2014 when I got pregnant. I wanted the easiest cloth diapers (of course…and also to help convince […]

  • Makeup
  • Mascara Review: Too Faced Better Than S*x Mascara

    Too Faced Better Than S*x Mascara Review! I feel that this mascara was not very “buildable”. I still like IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara better. I know that the IT Cosmetics Superhero is clumpier but I like that it looks more dramatic in person. I purchased this mascara in a trial size in the Sephora checkout […]

  • Saving money
  • How to save on Eyeglasses

    I just got some new glasses from Eyeglass World. I have astigmatism, so I rarely get new glasses. My daughter broke my last pair, but I was secretly happy about it because I had wanted new glasses for several years, but had no reason to buy any. I wasn’t sure where to get them for […]